As well as offering the best value for money, MGTS is making the electric bike accessible to as many people as possible so they can be part of this great progressive movement promoting a more sustainable, fun and responsible way of travelling.

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  • Our Wayscral and Ride brands, provide innovative, efficient and reliable travel solutions for all.

    Wayscral's electric bikes and Ride electric Scooter, which - thanks to a dynamic research and development program - boast high-performing batteries and a range innovative features, are helping to establish the two-wheeler as the best way of conquering the town, combining utility, pleasure and economic gain.

    NGTS has sold more than 50,000 bikes and today, benefits from the expertise and reputation of the following retailers: Norauto, Auto 5 and Altermove.

    We offer a wide range of accessories for scooters and motorcycles. Our helmets meet the European standards and guarantee a maximum level of safety.

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