Selecting and designing products that contribute to mobility today and in the future.

  • Human First
  • Operational Excellence
  • Responsible purchasing
  • Opened to the world
  • Human First
    A team of 80 people, 8 nationalities, more than 13 languages spoken, a wide range of expertise spread over our 3 sites (Lille, Geneva and Shanghai). The men and women of MGTS are our main asset
  • Operational Excellence
    Our tools and processes are there to ensure the highest level of performance, competitiveness, quality and safety of our products and services.
  • Responsible purchasing
    We and our partners are collectively committed to striving to become a company with a positive impact. We are constantly improving the environmental and social aspects of our business.
  • Opened to the world
    As the main interface between the mobility industry and our customers, we are open to the world and open-minded. We creatively undertake new ways of doing our business and create value by generating partnerships and exchanging data.

Who we are ?

MGTS is part of Mobivia, we share the same conviction and contribute to the same mission: Mobility is essential for each and everyone. We act for all to be sustainably mobile.


Our business,

Our ambition

As Mobivia’s international referencing and sourcing centre, we <strong>select, purchase, design, qualify and transport</strong> automotive maintenance and equipment products. This allows us to contribute to the mobility of today and tomorrow: this is MGTS’ area of expertise. For more than 15 years, the expertise of our international team and the performance of our purchasing and our partnerships have ensured that Mobivia’s brands have a relevant and competitive offer that enables them to provide their customers with products of outstanding reliability that are accessible, innovative and committed to sustainable mobility.

Our vision

MGTS is a company made up of men and women who are working tirelessly to provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage, thereby making a significant contribution to Mobivia’s profitable growth and CSR objectives. We define ourselves as a team of explorers who are passionate about our business. We are not only curious and pioneering in many areas, we are also pragmatic and result-oriented. We act with respect for our employees, our partners and the planet. These values make us believe that anything is possible. We remain agile and flexible and often exceed our limits in any situation.

Because we care, Because we dare.


Laurent Attardo Global Purchasing and Sourcing Director at MGTS
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Mobivia and its brands

Mobivia is an ecosystem dedicated to the mobility of today and tomorrow, with 9 brands and 25 start-ups. Mobivia’s companies have been supporting its users for 50 years in their mobility, whatever their needs, means and choices, by offering useful, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions. Our mission is: Opening sustainable mobility to all.
Mobivia is organised on the basis of 3 business lines: services for drivers, distribution of parts and tyres and new mobility. As the European leader in multi-brand vehicle maintenance and equipment, our ecosystem totals 2060 workshops and car centres in 18 countries, mainly in Europe. Mobivia offers offline and online distribution of car parts and accessories for private individuals and professionals. With its Via ID business accelerator, Mobivia supports and rolls out new projects for intelligent and sustainable everyday mobility.

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    • 23,000 employees
    • 2,060 points of contact
    • 18 countries
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    • 10,450 employees
    • 634 POS
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    • 640 POS
    • 93%
      franchise stores
    • 11 countries
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    • 600 employees
    • 54 POS Belgium
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  • Groupe de masques 16
    • 9,600 employees
    • 556 POS (Germany -Austria)
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  • Carter Cash
    • 900 employees
    • 82 POS (France Spain, Marocco)
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  • viaid
    • 25 startups, a business incubator program
    • offices in Paris, San Francisco, Singapour and Berlin
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  • synchro-diffusion-2 bat
    • Supports its network of automotive service professionals (gas stations, retailers) from the design of their product offering to in-store implementation.
    • 350 suppliers, 8,000 customers, 11,000m2 of warehouse
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Key Figures

  • 2005 creation date
  • 3 offices
  • 80 employees
  • 18,000 SKU's
  • 4,700 Containers
  • 200 suppliers
  • With the initial goal of achieving purchasing synergies within Mobivia’s brands, MGTS has now acquired in-depth experience in sourcing and international negotiation, as well as recognised expertise in the automotive maintenance sector and more widely in mobility.

  • We are located in:
    • Geneva Switzerland: MGTS headquarters and international referral centre
    • Shanghai China sourcing office
    • Lille France as close as possible to our customers to guarantee the quality of use

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  • An international team with 8 nationalities, speaking 13 languages, a large portfolio of expertise in buyers, quality specialists, logistics specialists, packaging designers, lawyers… all passionate about our businesses and sharing the same values and commitment.

  • We have more than 18,000 active SKU’s in our catalogue. These products allow every driver to improve the safety, comfort and sustainability of their mobility.

  • Each year, we ensure the upstream logistics of more than 4700 containers. Our mission is to fulfil our orders by delivering on time and in sufficient quantity, but also in a more environmentally-friendly way by prioritizing means of transport or cleaner energies.

  • We select our partners in more than 15 countries on the basis of strict qualitative, economic, but also social and environmental criteria. We share the same values of respect and excellence.


With a broad expertise in areas such as purchasing, quality, logistics or product and packaging design, our sourcing team has been in Shanghai for over 15 years. Our Chinese office has over 50 staff. We have built up a large portfolio of suppliers qualified pursuant to European regulations. This network of partners is specialised in automotive parts, interior and exterior comfort equipment as well as products and accessories for new soft mobility. The breadth of this network allows us to constantly offer new products and relevant developments in the ranges.

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Sourcing in Asia is one of the main ways of guaranteeing our brands the best choice at the best price while ensuring an impeccable level of quality based on European standards. Since its inception, our sourcing and quality teams in the Shanghai office have placed environmental and social issues at the heart of their requirements. But Shanghai is also an incredible place to observe tomorrow’s urban mobility solutions.

Eric Daudet Managing Director MGTS Shanghai Trading


With a catalogue of more than 18,000 references and a large network of selected partners, we have been acquiring know-how and real sector expertise for more than 15 years. We are constantly growing this offer by listening to the 50 million customers at Mobivia’s 2,000 points of sale and brands.

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    Ground contact is an essential criterion for the performance and safety of every vehicle. For over 50 years, Mobivia has been a leading player in the sale and fitting of tyres. With teams dedicated to this category, MGTS is competent in sourcing and negotiating this category and has a privileged relationship with the largest manufacturers

  • booster-start-pro-norauto-11-ah-12-v--2223451

    Parts and consumables for car maintenance:

    Batteries, wiper blades, engine oil, bulbs, but also mechanical parts and now charging stations for electric vehicles. With more than 15 years of experience, we have built up a large catalogue of products and a network of first-rate partners enabling us to supply the parts that are essential for the maintenance of today’s and tomorrow’s cars.

  • Groupe 376

    Interior accessories and equipment

    Because the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers are essential, we have developed a wide range of equipment for car journeys. Baby seats, car radios, storage aids, carpets, seat covers or steering wheel covers, our catalogue is constantly changing to meet the needs of each driver and to adapt to each vehicle.

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    Accessories and exterior equipment

    Exterior equipment products allow customers to transport their bikes, skis or luggage in an ever simpler and safer way. This makes travel more comfortable and allows everyone to enjoy their passions on the road. MGTS is an expert in sourcing and negotiating bike racks and roof boxes, strengthening the leading position of Mobivia’s brands in these markets.

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    Soft mobility: electric bikes and scooters

    Whether it is for the planet, our health or our budget, our mobility now comes in different solutions. More than just an evolution, this is a revolution for mobility. For more than 10 years, we have been leading the way and supporting our customers in the shifts in their mobility by offering and developing a wide range of electric bikes and scooters. We have developed a real industrial expertise in this sector, for components, spare parts and accessories.

  • 1 Supplier quality

    Supplier quality

    Each production unit in our supplier portfolio is audited. All of them meet compliance criteria that guarantee the highest quality of manufacturing according to strict environmental and social requirements.
    These factories are periodically audited under an audit plan that promotes continuous improvement and imposes corrective actions if necessary.
    We also have a database of prospective suppliers pre-qualified according to our requirements to optimise back-up solutions.

  • 2 Regulatory product compliance

    Regulatory product compliance

    Our products, their packaging and user manuals comply with European regulatory requirements. Our quality experts validate this compliance at every stage of the development and selection of a new product. Each production run is also checked against these criteria before shipment to our customers.

  • 3 Quality in use and performance

    Quality in use and performance

    The specifications for our products are based on the features which drivers expect to see. We check in with them regularly to establish the performance levels of the products. During the design phase but also throughout the life of these products, MGTS quality experts will check that the level has not deteriorated and that it meets the initial expectations.

  • 4 Continuous Improvement

    Continuous Improvement

    We work closely with the quality departments of Mobivia’s brands, and listen to the feedback and comments from our customers in order to constantly improve the quality of our ranges. Which means that from one generation of products to the next, they become more and more efficient and easier to use.


Our commitments

Since its creation in 2005, MGTS has been committed to reducing its impact through our responsible purchasing policy. We work on 3 aspects of our business every day:

  • 1. A strict selection of our partners:

    Each of our partners is committed to respecting a co-signed ethical charter. Social and environmental audits are carried out by third party organisations to ensure good working conditions for employees and to limit pollution on the production sites.
    We are a member of the ICS Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability which supports us in this process.
    Since 2021, we have been a member of Ecovadis : international platform for assessing CSR performance and responsible purchasing. We ensure that our suppliers are committed to reducing their impact and making progress on their environmental, social and ethical practices.

  • 2. Reducing the impact of the products we select:

    We are developing our specifications to improve the environmental performance of our products. We include eco-design principles by promoting the use of recycled raw materials, improving the life and use of products and optimising their reparability from the moment they are manufactured.
    We reduce the impact of our packaging through the following commitments:
    Promoting the sale of products without packaging
    Banning polystyrene
    Reducing the use of plastic
    Optimising parcel filling by “hunting down empty space”
    Using environmentally-friendly inks
    Instead of paper leaflets, using QR codes which sends you to interactive online media
    In 2021, more than 40 tonnes of plastic were saved.

  • 3. Decarbonising our logistics flows

    From the ports and towards the warehouses, we prioritise alternative modes of transport such as the train or river barges. This corresponded to more than 70% of our inland flows in 2020.
    Since July 2021, more than 90% of our maritime transport uses biofuels. This has helped to reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 84% for this mode of transport.

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