A responsible commitment

MGTS is committed to an Ethical Policy which describes our intention on how to behave when we do business and how we interact with our stakeholders.

MGTS enjoys an invaluable reputation for corporate trustworthiness around the world, based on consistently conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the laws and regulations governing its activities. Therefore we seek to ensure that all our suppliers operate in compliance with our requirements.

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The MGTS Ethical Policy consists of 10 principles in the areas of human rights,
labor, the environment and anti-corruption, based on UN Global Compact and
the international conventions on which it is based.


The Ethical Policy formalizes the principles that NGTS shall commit in relation to employees,
business partners and other stakeholders. All NGTS employees should know about the
Ethical Policy, since it is applicable to all employees at all levels.

MGTS encourages suppliers, dealers, consultants and other business partners within its
sphere of influence to adopt these principles

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